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Azusa Aizawa, female, single, company slave. After finishing my life just for her job, reincarnating as an immortal witch, and continuing her slow life for 300 years, I would have reached level 99. Hearing rumors that the world’s strongest is coming, adventurers, dragons, etc. What will happen to my slow life!? A different-world at-home sitcom from “Shousetsuka ni Narou”, the highest-selling GA novel ever!

相沢梓、女、独身、社畜。仕事のためだけに生きた人生を終え、不老不死の魔女に転生して、スローライフを300年続けてたら、レベル99になってました。世界最強の噂を聞きつけ、やってくる冒険者やドラゴンetc。私のスローライフはどうなるの!? GAノベル売上歴代1位、「小説家になろう」発の異世界アットホームコメディー!