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University student Kyohei Masuma, who left his closed hometown of Soramori Village and started living alone in Tokyo, has a younger sister, Shio, who has the qualification of “ship” to manipulate the “scarecrow” worshiped as a god in Soramori Village. will visit. This is to tell him that Kyohei’s childhood friend Aiku, who was once imprisoned after causing a tragedy in the village, has escaped. Behind the fate of Kyohei and Aiku was the rape and murder of a new female teacher, Chibano Seno, and the massacre of the villagers.

Beginning with Aki’s escape, the speculations of various people surrounding the scarecrow begin to intertwine inside and outside the closed Soramori Village. Kyohei’s room was destroyed by Aiku’s attack, so he ends up living with her classmate Shiba Hinano. She is the daughter of someone from the village, as well as the person who thought of Kyohei.




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